About Us

Camaleonte is a small consulting company doing big stuff. It was founded in 1989 by MD Heikki O. Peltola, a renowned scientist and professor working in low-cost vaccine development and pro-poor health care in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In 2014, Camaleonte was handed over to the next generation, expanding into inclusive and sustainable business.

We care

We help you to make an impact

What separates us from the rest is our absolute commitment to client satisfaction, a down-to-earth approach, and a genuine interest in furthering our clients’ growth and success. We collaborate with our customers to ensure that all services are tailored to specific needs and that results reinforce the desired impact.

We believe that inclusion in business, public sector, and in society as a whole, is essential to a higher quality of life. Our passion is to help other entrepreneurs reach optimal performance, achieving growth through internationalization, identification of new markets, and strategic innovation in sustainable environmental and social practices. We work with governments to make public policies more inclusive by putting users -you and me- in the driver’s seat. Finally, we help non-profits to scale up their impact through innovation and shared value collaboration.

We find solutions

From the Nordics to the world

Our core team is compact, but our network of global consultants is close at hand. Our partners come from very different backgrounds, running the gamut from private bankers and tech innovators to policy experts and coffee smallholders. We mainly work in Europe and Latin America, but can also cater to your needs on other continents. Whatever your problem or goal, contact us – we might be able to come up with the perfect solution just for you!

We nurture liberal values and believe in a sharing economy, not only as a sustainable approach in a resource-constrained world, but also as a political premise to build citizenship and society. Transparency, democratic access to information and flat hierarchies are crucial to our worldview.

Our HQ is in Finland, a country known for its top-notch public education, superb work-life balance and trailblazing tech innovations. We find inspiration in Finland’s unsurpassed natural surroundings, equal opportunities, and society based on mutual trust. And when the weather gets somewhat gloomy, you may also find us near the Mediterranean or across the ocean!

Maija Peltola

Maija is the Chief Camaleonte, an anthropologist in the business world. After her graduation in Mexico, Maija worked for a decade in international development and financing mainly in the UN and in INGOs, where she partnered with the private sector. Maija is passionate about sustainable development and changing the current landscape of doing business.

Maija has visited roughly half of the countries in the world and has work experience from almost 30 of them. Hosting high-level business meetings in New York and Geneva, cracking the code of sustainable tourism on the Orinoco River, combating carbon emissions and deforestation in Guatemala, and administering a US 620 million loan portfolio in Rome have all added to her skills and knowledge. As a true chameleon, Maija is able to quickly dive into new assignments and understand the context and client requirements. She is at her best when leading multicultural teams and complex projects related to sustainable development.

As a devoted traveler, Maija is interested to help companies and organizations, particularly in the travel and tourism industry, to put into practice the principles of the UN Agenda2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals both at the corporate level and in field operations. This usually means placing sustainability at the very core of any value proposition. It also calls for training, building partnerships, measuring impact and communicating about the results.

Despite coming from a society where engineers are quasi venerated, Maija strives for a more Epicurean and humane approach. Maija’s interests lie in #newleadership #sustainabletravel #socialinclusion #climatechange #slowfood #ESG #SDGs #sustainablefinance #coaching and #servicedesign.

Unlike her fellow chameleons, Maija is unable to change color. This she compensates by communicating in English, Spanish, Italian, French or Finnish – and in a life-threatening situation even in Swedish or Portuguese!


Heikki Peltola

When Heikki was a little boy, his pet in Maneromango (today Tanzania) was a monkey. Since then, his passion has been to resolve some of the trickiest health problems with novel and frugal innovations in resource-scarce settings in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. With a PhD in Medicine, Heikki is a Board-Certified paediatrician, infectious disease specialist, general surgeon, Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Helsinki and Doctor Honoris Causa at the University of Athens. His advice is sought by institutions such as the World Health Organization, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Pasteur-Merieux Institut, and the Serum Institute of India. The total number of Heikki´s scientific papers exceeds 400, most in peer-reviewed US and European journals.

With Johann Sebastian Bach as his alter ego (as Cicero put it), he has also published ten classical albums. Heikki is happiest when working at the fringe of medicine and music, both of which have taken him to over 100 countries. Heikki´s domain includes peer review of health care proposals, vaccinations, unconventional and inexpensive solutions in prophylaxis and treatment of infections, scaling up pro-poor health care, and randomized, double-blind clinical trials.

Heikki dreams of reviving his Swahili. Meanwhile, he relies on English, Spanish, French, Finnish, Swedish, or German.

Robert de Soucy

With a PhD in Economics from Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle, Robert is also known as the “gamin noble”. In his previous life Robert worked nearly 30 years for the United Nations, where he conspired with fellow-minded virtuosi and managed to help millions of women and men out of poverty. His unorthodox innovations (e.g. competitive allocation of public funds) have now been scaled through public policies and multilateral development programs. Robert’s lifetime achievements have been documented by the World Bank Brookings Institution, and are widely acknowledged by development actors.

As a passionate bon vivant, Robert’s ultimate goal is to raise squids and lobsters in the Mediterranean. Between his travels to search for the perfect olive grove, Robert steers award-winning (Skoll, Schwab, Ashoka, Katerva) Fundación Capital’s crew in helping governments and financial institutions to build economic citizenship of the poorest. Robert’s expertise lies in #strategy #financialinclusion #financialliteracy #commercialintegration #territorialdevelopment and #financefordevelopment.

Robert’s stomach speaks Italian, his heart French, his brain Spanish, and his genes English. To get the best out of this guy, be prepared for a full-course menu avec les pieds dans l’eau, and don’t forget the fromage! No menus express allowed.