Financing and donor management

The world of non-profit financing is more diverse than ever, with new actors, funding schemes and channels available. Though government-led funding has decreased, there is now better opportunity than ever to tap into new funding channels and benefit from innovative private and public-private financing. New solutions include green funds addressing sustainable development and climate change, a wide array of pay-for-result plans, and more flexible funding to pilot innovative approaches.

Competition among non-profits makes donor management and communicating results crucial: to attract attention to your cause and partner with new financiers, you must know your partner's expectations. Camaleonte Ltd helps you to rethink your strategy and create new partnerships, and is with you every step of the way.

Especially for:

  • Non-profit organizations seeking to rethink their funding base and fundraising strategy
  • Non-profit organizations willing to increment available funds
  • Non-profits interested in private financiers, impact investing and bonds
  • Non-profits wishing to improve donor relationship management and staff capacities


All services are customized according to your organization's needs, including.:

  • Critical assessment of the organization´s current funding base and future evolution
  • Strategic planning to adjust the organization´s funding scheme to the new landscape
  • Identification of new funding sources both in Finland and internationally
  • Partnership negotiations with funding partners
  • Assessment of your fundraising’s cost-effectiveness
  • Assistance with funding applications
  • Training in donor relationship management and fundraising
  • Training in pay-for-result designs, impact investment, green and social bonds
  • Tracking, assessing and evaluating finance plans

Benefits to the client

  • Increased funding base
  • Long-term financial stability and forecasting
  • Cost-effective fundraising solutions
  • Understanding the key aspects of donor relationship management
  • Identifying and contacting the best finance fit for your organization´s needs
  • Increased staffing to manage high-level and complex funding schemes
  • Heightened brand visibility and familiarity with priority donors and investors

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Leverage of more than USD 2 million to Procasur Corporation (Chile, Kenya, Thailand) from Ford Foundation and IDRC.