Social, economic and environmental impact management

Companies are increasingly put into the spotlight for their environmental, social and economic footprint. When doing business, companies affect peoples´assets, environment, access to opportunities, health, quality of life, knowledge, and living standard. Companies also influence cultures, societies, politics and policies. Ignoring the real (or presumptive) impact of their actions can expose companies to heightened risk and spur unneeded conflicts. This said, measuring the variety of effects (positive or negative; direct or indirect; intentional or non-intentional; and temporary or long-term) along the whole value chain can be challenging and requires special expertise on environmental and social issues. Camaleonte helps you to measure, manage and communicate about your social, economic and environmental impact, and to grow your business sustainably. More so, Camaleonte will turn your focus from footprint to handprint, seeking not only to reduce negative influence but to actually bring more positive change!

Especially for:

  • Companies willing to understand their social, economic and environmental impact
  • Companies seeking to improve their positive influence across the value chain
  • Companies committed to reducing their carbon footprint
  • Companies wishing to manage risks and avoid conflicts


All services are customized according to the company's needs, and they include e.g.:

  • Defining parametres and indicators for measuring social, economic and environmental impact
  • Strategic environmental, social and economic impact evaluations
  • Expertise in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their business implications
  • Training and mentoring in more sustainable business practices
  • Inclusion of clients, staff, shareholders and other stakeholders in the process
  • Technical assistance in measuring short-term effects and long-term impact
  • Legal advice in social, economic and environmental issues
  • Advice in managing results and risk
  • Reporting and communicating about social, economic and environmental impact

Benefits to the client

  • Savings on resource-use through more sustained practices
  • Identification of new business opportunities
  • Increased understanding of the company´s influence on environment and society
  • Access to accurate information about the company´s and its business practices’ social, economic and environmental effects (positive or negative; direct or indirect; intentional or non-intentional; and temporary or long-term)
  • Opportunity to align strategic decision-making to foreseen developments
  • Early identification and management of underlying risks and potential conflicts
  • More sustainable business practices, smaller carbon footprint and contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Access to impact investment -related financing (including green funds)
  • Added value to your brand and competitive edge with your customers and partners
  • Better cultural suitability
  • Greater appeal among job-seekers (especially Millenials)
  • Increased staff and stakeholder commitment

Going from 'footprint' to 'handprint' encourages to restore positive impact rather than reduce harmful practices. It means becoming net positive - in all senses.

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