Growth and internationalization

Companies face increased competition and the formula to success might just be adventuring to a new market. There are several ways to grow: By customizing already existing products and services; By identifying new customers and users (including elderly or the so-called Silver Market); By changing business practices; and by expanding to new territories. Camaleonte helps you to grow especially in Latin America (Mexico and Central America, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia), building on your company´s strenghts and existing market opportunities. All of Camaleonte´s management and development advice follow strict guidelines for responsible and sustainable business. Camaleonte mainly uses local business experts, avoiding you to invest in initial country presence. For the Silver Market Camaleonte has launched a separate programme called Silver Mine.

Especially for:

  • Companies seeking to expand internationally
  • Companies needing specific information for internationalization
  • Companies looking for responsible business partners in Latin America and the Caribbean


All services are customized according to the company's needs, and they include e.g.:

  • Market analysis and assessments
  • Identification and tailoring of business opportunities
  • Identification of clients, partners and distribution channels
  • Country information packages: Regional and country-specific megatrends, business environment, cultural practices, customs, tariffs, taxation, legal framework, etc.
  • In-country services: Mapping of B2B clients, organization of events and business meetings, translation and interpretation, legal services, etc.
  • Research and forescasts on consumption by using anthropological and ethnographic methods to deeply understand and foresee consumer behaviour
  • Identification of financial support for internationalization; Elaboration of financial applications
  • Project leadership services
  • Training in internationalization, cross-cultural business, etc.

Benefits to the client

  • Increase in sales
  • Mitigation of risks related to internationalization and growth
  • Identification of best countries and markets
  • Cost-effective scouting of international expansion: No investment in country presence needed
  • Access to public funding for internationalization
  • Sector-specific expertise in sustainable agribusiness, forestry, and extractive industries

Estimated in 420 billion euros only in Europe, the so-called Silver Market targeting the over-60s is expected to surpass 1000 billion in 2019. Are your products and services in line with the demand?

Top References


Two private companies. Internationalization: Market scouting, identification of partners and preparation of entry for two private companies in renewable energy solutions in off-grid rural locations (mining, oil platforms, army camps, rural villages) in Peru.


Two small, private energy companies. Entry strategy for Peruvian market: Integrated services combining off-grid renewable energy, waste and water management in isolated locations. Market analysis, Identifying customers and partners, Business model development, Identifying financing options.


Farmcomp Ltd. Business development and internationalization. Matched Farmcomp Ltd (a Finnish agritechnology company that makes humidity meters) with a Colombian company that represents 2,500 smallholder and medium-size coffee producers.


Finnfund/ Finnpartnership. Due diligence of an Ecuadorian fruit company.


Private pharmacology company, Switzerland - Development of a new antibiotic


Serum Institute of India Ltd - New vaccine development: Advising on clinical trials and scientific reporting; Opening new markets


Novartis, Global - New vaccine development: Scientific advice