Shared value, positive impact and non-profit collaboration

Sometimes business as usual is not enough. Sometimes you feel the need to do more, create positive impact, make people happy. It may be yourself, top management, staff, shareholders or clients who want you to walk an extra mile and engage in more meaningful and sustainable business without compromising financial figures. In fact, you might even find a new niche for company innovation and growth. Regardless of your nature as a small social enterprise or a big, well-established company, Camaleonte helps you to choose the best approach and find the most reliable partners for creating shared value and making positive impact.

Especially for:

  • Companies willing to engage with purposeful business, shared value creation and collective impact
  • Companies interested in increasing staff retention by providing opportunities for staff development and wellbeing
  • Companies wishing to improve brand development
  • Companies wishing to manage risks and avoid conflicts


All services are customized according to the company's needs, and they include e.g.:

  • Need and asset assessment
  • Identifying and screening of best-fit shared value and collective impact proposals
  • Elaboration of shared value project and program proposals from business perspective (including background, measurable objectives, activities, budget, timeline, indicators, monitoring and evaluation, reporting and communications)
  • Identification of best partner matches (foundations, social enterprises, communities, non-profits)
  • Shortlisting of possible partners; Partnership negotiations
  • Identification of financing opportunities; Elaboration of financial applications for pilot projects
  • Training of company staff for collaboration with non-profit sector
  • Monitoring, measuring, evaluating, and inspiring collaboration

Benefits to the client

  • Company growth and increased value through sustainable business practices
  • Identification and development of new business opportunities
  • New ideas for innovation work
  • Savings on shared resource-use
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Added value to your brand and competitive edge with your customers and partners
  • Increased staff retention and commitment by providing opportunities for staff development and wellbeing
  • Opportunities for volunteering and on-the-job talent management
  • Greater appeal among job-seekers (especially Millenials)
  • Heightened visibility among potential clients and stakeholders

"Companies with a purpose beyond profit tend to make more money"

(Financial Times, January 24, 2016)

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