Impact investing and pay-for-results models

Far from philantrophy or donor-driven grant funding, impact investing is based on measurable outputs and a pay-for-success model. For a public institution, impact investment attracts new financiers that previously may have hesitated to enter into any social or environmental endeavour. Impact investing is a way to couple market returns with social and environmental outcomes, and it is already used in the international carbon market, and in programmes seeking to enhance employment and school performance, improve integration and combat diseases. But choosing impact investing might not be a slam dunk: Camaleonte helps you to assess whether this financing mechanism is a good fit, and then to make the best choices for your institution.

Especially for:

  • Public institutions looking for significantly upscale financing
  • Public institutions willing to pilot innovative approaches with low risk


All services are customized according to the client´s needs, including:

  • Analysis of readiness for results-based payment model
  • Identification of attractive investment products
  • Design of results-based payment programs for forests and environmental services
  • Access to and knowledge exchange with operators, service providers, investors, and other partners of ongoing impact investment programs
  • Matchmaking with individual impact investors, financial institutions and fund managers
  • Research on impact investment schemes, including Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) and Development Impact Bonds (DIBs)
  • Organization of pay-for-results financing informational events
  • Training and technical assistance during impact investment program implementation
  • Advice and assistance in monitoring, assessment, and evaluation of social and environmental outcomes

Benefits to the client

  • Access to significant, fresh financing
  • Larger impact by scaling up social and environmental programs
  • Certainty of social or environmental outcomes and impact
  • Low risk level
  • Better understanding of opportunities and limitations of results-based payment schemes
  • Compliance with national legislation and international financing requirements
  • Access to investor´s partner and client network
  • Heightened visibility and communications content

"The impact investing market offers diverse and viable opportunities for investors to advance social and environmental solutions through investments that also produce financial returns."

GIIN, 2017

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