User-centered design of public policies and stakeholder consultations

User-centered design and stakeholder consultations are becoming more common, as governments try to find the magic recipe for successful projects and policies. Stakeholder consultations are not only requested by financial institutions or shareholders as compliance with international safeguards; engagement of stakeholders in user-centered design is also a good way to identify needs, assets, and interests, and to ensure everyone is on board. Inclusion of stakeholders from Day 1 in design, execution and evaluation of activities enhances the probability of success, whether it's a one-shot project or roll-out of an entire new public policy. Camaleonte helps you to identify your stakeholders and engage with them in a transparent, even-handed and efficient dialogue.

Especially for:

  • Public institutions wishing to ensure large outreach and successful execution of projects, programs and policies
  • State institutions required to comply with national legislation and international safeguards
  • Government officials looking for inspirational and innovative approaches to public policy


All services are customized according to the client´s needs, including:

  • Identification of primary and secondary stakeholders related to a specific project, programme or policy
  • Design of methodology and monitoring for inclusive and user-centered public policies
  • Visualization of power structure with collaborative and visual software
  • Mapping of common interests and potential conflicts
  • Organization of stakeholder consultations, with emphasis on equality (gender, cultural, and others)
  • Analysis and documentation of findings and recommendations
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements and safeguards
  • Hands-on advice on improving transparency, inclusion and engagement of all stakeholders
  • Training of government officials in inclusion, safeguards, user-centered design and stakeholder consultations

Benefits to the client

  • Detailed comprehension of stakeholder characteristics and dynamics
  • Better understanding of underlying needs, interests, and divergences
  • Enhanced probability of successful implementation of planned activities
  • Increased transparency within the government structure
  • Identification and mitigation of risks
  • Compliance with national legislation and international requirements

Global growth has to be transformed into an agenda that places people and living standards at the center of national economic policy and international economic integration (...) This can only be realized with the engagement of all stakeholders.

World Economic Forum, The Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2017

Top References


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