Project administration, organizational development and leadership

What if you have a project under way, but the team leader suddenly steps down? What if you have a great idea and even the funds to make it happen, but you lack a professional team to carry it out? Or what if you have a nagging feeling that you could benefit from a little support in leadership and management, or just a little motivational push? Does your team need some training in project cycle management or is it lacking expertise in specific technical matters? Camaleonte helps you to assess your organization's strengths and smooth away the rough edges. We can also provide you with short-term consultants and subject-matter experts to cover your back during critical periods. Because after all, it´s all about people.

Especially for:

  • Non-profits willing to boost their staff capacities in project administration, team work and leadership
  • Non-profits with challenges in organizational processes and management, leadership or project administration
  • Non-profits needing short-term backup in technical matters or project lead
  • Non-profits willing to improve management and attract new staff


All services are customized according to your organization's needs, including.:

  • Strategy work in organizational development
  • Courses in multiculturalism, equality and work-life balance
  • Short-term consultancy in leadership; organizational development; teamwork
  • Short-term courses in project cycle management
  • Project and program design including background, objectives, activities, budget, timeline, indicators, monitoring and evaluation, reporting
  • Quality management services
  • Subject-matter advice in areas like Rural development; Gender equality; Social and financial inclusion; Indigenous Peoples; Disabled people; Elderly; Pro-poor health solutions (in poverty areas); South-South cooperation; Human Rights based approach, etc.

Benefits to the client

  • Improved organizational performance with updated strategy
  • Smooth project and programme delivery
  • Cost-efficient and tailor-made solutions to short-term shortage of expertise
  • Access to top-notch thematic knowledge and global experiences
  • Proactive risk management and decreased reputational risks
  • Reduced conflicts and better adaptability to change
  • Improved staff capacities and commitment to organizational processes
  • Good track record as employer; Greater appeal of organization for job seekers

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Top References


Inter-American Development Bank, Indufor Ltd: Project Director for REDD+ National Stakeholder Consultation in Guatemala. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) is a global initiative designed to pay groups or countries for protecting their forests and reducing emissions of greenhouse gas pollutants, especially CO₂. (Impact investing: Payment for environmental services)


Seminar (20 h) on International Development. Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Mexico.