Tracking results, learning and knowledge management

What once was called monitoring and evaluation has evolved into a world of opportunity for learning, sharing and increasing impact. Sometimes legal requirements oblige organizations to perform a social and environmental assessment. However, forecasting and tracking results is no longer just about accountability, but making informed management decisions, re-thinking strategy, communicating with purpose, and improving efficiency and effectiveness on projects and within the organization.

Leading-edge organizations build transparent loops for monitoring and assessing results with their clients and stakeholders, reflect progress against self-defined targets, and share findings from both successes and failures. Today monitoring can actually be participative, empowering and even fun!

Especially for:

  • Non-profit organizations seeking to improve their contribution and impact
  • Non-profits wishing to renew their monitoring and evaluation practices, with more emphasis on sharing and learning
  • Non-profits seeking to understand differentiated impact on specific groups or environments
  • Non-profits requiring data for communications, reporting and accountability purposes (incl. social and environmental impact assessments)
  • Non-profits seeking to improve organizational practices, transparency and knowledge sharing
  • Non-profits wanting to boost staff capacities in tracking, analyzing and reporting on results, learning and sharing


All services are customized according to your organization's needs, including.:

  • Strategizing to transform planning, monitoring and evaluation to a systematic and fun practice
  • Tracking of organizational processes and informal practices
  • Introducing knowledge management practices in organization
  • Assessing social and environmental project aspects
  • Assessing and evaluating: From stand-by projects to complex, regional/ global and multi-sector programs
  • Data mining and disaggregation by specific parameters such as gender, age, ethnicity, and other factors
  • Training in data analysis, outcome harvesting, development evaluation, contribution analysis and other specific methods
  • Translating reports to appealing stories
  • Transforming data into visual reports (e.g. infographs)

Benefits to the client

  • Improved understanding of your organization´s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • In-depth information about organizational processes, with better understanding about informal and “hidden” practices
  • Sustainable and successful organizational growth and change processes based on better understanding of progress
  • Improved efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact on project and programme level
  • Transparent procedures and more committed staff
  • Better information and knowledge-sharing with increased cost-efficiency
  • Donor and legal compliance (esp. social and environmental assessments)
  • More attractive evidence-based communications
  • Reduced conflicts within organization and with stakeholders

" It was enjoyable to work with Maija, and I would warmly recommend her and Camaleonte for any development assignments."

- Tapani Oksanen, Senior Partner, Chairman of the Board, INDUFOR OY

Top References


FINGO. Technical Assistance in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) for the new umbrella organization of Finnish nonprofits working in development.


CISU (Denmark). Technical Assistance in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) for the EU-funded Frame, Voice, Report! Program implemented in seven EU countries: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain.


Finn Church Aid´s human-rights-based, EUR 43 million annual Global Programme Evaluation 2013-2016. Global scope, with field visits to Nepal and Uganda.


Mid-term review of the UNICEF-Academia-Private Sector Partnership Project - Human-rights-based WASH innovations for Ugandan School Children.