Bigger impact with shared value collaboration

With expanded inclusion, structural reforms, and an altered funding landscape, the working environment of non-profits has changed, requiring a new mindset, innovative strategies and a novel toolkit to achieve long-term impact. Non-profit organizations are increasingly looking to join forces with the private sector and public organizations.

Projects based on shared value creation can help a non-profit to increase visibility, and improve outcomes while pooling and economizing resources. Moreover, through collaboration non-profits can access niche knowledge and technology that otherwise would be too expensive or complicated to acquire. Finally, through collaboration an organization can expand its member and stakeholder networks and grow commitment towards its cause. Developing attractive initiatives, figuring out the most suitable partner, negotiating targets and activities, planning resource use, and monitoring to ensure best performance all require time and special skills.

Camaleonte helps you to weave great partnerships and achieve tangible results with less hassle.

Especially for:

  • Non-profit organizations wishing to increase their impact
  • Non-profits seeking to update their strategy in a changing world
  • Non-profits struggling with wicked problems needing niche expertise or tech solutions
  • Non-profits interested in sharing resources and improving cost-effectiveness


All services are customized according to your organization's needs, including.:

  • Strategy work including financial and non-financial collaboration with public and private sector partners
  • Training for non-profit staff in collaboration with business and government
  • Brainstorming and advice for shared value proposals
  • Elaboration of shared value project and program proposals including background, objectives, activities, budget, timeline, indicators, monitoring and evaluation, reporting
  • Identification of best partner matches
  • Shortlisting of possible partners; Partnership negotiations
  • Identification of financing opportunities in Finland and internationally; Elaboration of financial applications
  • Assessments and evaluations of collaboration

Benefits to the client

  • Bigger scale and impact
  • Access to niche knowledge and tech solutions
  • Policy-level influence
  • More members with diverse background and expertise
  • Increased staff and stakeholder commitment
  • Heightened brand visibility and familiarity with priority donors and investors
  • Savings on resource-use
  • New communications materials and channels
  • Greater appeal of organization to job-seekers

"Binary partnerships with other companies, government agencies, or NGOs can often overcome one or a few obstacles in the local ecosystem. However, leading companies have begun to realize that addressing the complex social problems at the root of market failures is often the only way to achieve their ambitious shared value strategies. In such situations, the ability to understand and catalyze collective impact is essential.”

(Kramer and Pfitzer, Harvard Business Review Oct' 2016)

Top References


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Scale-Up Nutrition (SUN), Procasur: Project design (US$ 600,000) for public-private collaboration: Strengthening the capacity of SUN Countries to Scale Up Nutrition (Peru, Senegal)